A Song in the Sun

  • Patience and Wine4:24
  • Standing Next To Me6:18
  • Silver Lining5:12
  • The Prison3:45
  • Tourist In My Own Town4:33

Live at Lakeside Restaurant, September 1, 2016

  • All the World is Green3:39
  • Into The Mystic/Don't Let Me Down7:28
  • Little Drop of Poison3:45
  • Stormy Monday5:48
  • Lovely Cruise4:24


hector's Nightmare

Live performances of The Prison, Down and Out, When Doves Cry (Prince Cover), and Thrill Is Gone (BB King Cover) in the Village Square of Hammondsport, NY. 

Erin Maloney & Alex Myth (Live)

Check out ALEX MYTH's brand new EP below! Now available in CD and on iTunes. 

  • A Song In The Sun4:43
  • Timeless Woman5:40
  • Trouble Replacing You4:36
  • King Of Pain4:46
  • Plenty 'o Sun4:13
  • Concorde Archives5:19
  • The Early Bell3:50
  • Needles And Pins5:09

  • Rickfactor-126:04
  • Tera's Hike4:22
  • Open Road Of Heat5:04
  • Frogs In A Basket3:24
  • Aardvark Park4:18
  • Fancy American Decisions4:41
  • Mr. Crouton7:20
  • Many Religions2:38
  • Lucky Sevens5:43
  • Torture Of An International Hero2:29