• A Song In The Sun4:43
  • Timeless Woman5:40
  • Trouble Replacing You4:36
  • King Of Pain4:46
  • Plenty 'o Sun4:13
  • Concorde Archives5:19
  • The Early Bell3:50
  • Needles And Pins5:09

  • One Particular View4:36

A Song in the Sun


  • Rickfactor-126:04
  • Tera's Hike4:22
  • Open Road Of Heat5:04
  • Frogs In A Basket3:24
  • Aardvark Park4:18
  • Fancy American Decisions4:41
  • Mr. Crouton7:20
  • Many Religions2:38
  • Lucky Sevens5:43
  • Torture Of An International Hero2:29


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Erin Maloney & Alex Myth (Live)

hector's Nightmare

Live performances of The Prison, Down and Out, When Doves Cry (Prince Cover), and Thrill Is Gone (BB King Cover) in the Village Square of Hammondsport, NY. 

Live at Lakeside Restaurant, September 1, 2016

  • Patience and Wine4:24
  • Standing Next To Me6:18
  • Silver Lining5:12
  • The Prison3:45
  • Tourist In My Own Town4:33

  • All the World is Green3:39
  • Into The Mystic/Don't Let Me Down7:28
  • Little Drop of Poison3:45
  • Stormy Monday5:48
  • Lovely Cruise4:24

  • Someone for Everyone3:52